Vegan Beauty Brands

These days many people are turning to vegan friendly products and cruelty-free brands kinder on our skin and on our fur-babies

For those of you beauty lovers out there, we have created a guide of some of the best animal cruelty free brands that you must try out. 

Here is a quick guide to the 5 most stylish vegan beauty brand must haves!


1. PHB Ethical Beauty Skin Cosmetics

This gentle skin care brand has a range of different cosmetics including foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter products that are mineral based and 100% vegan friendly!


2. Pai Hand Cream

If you’re looking for a satisfying hand cream full of rich nutrients and antioxidants, then this product is for you. With the bonus of being vegan friendly, the hand cream boasts Fragonia oil with anti-inflammatory properties. It even includes Sea Buckthorn, which has a source of Omega-7 which is perfect for helping with cell regeneration and includes a rich Reship extract that provides the essential vitamin C which is a necessity for your skin!



3. Ecco Bella Flower Colour Mascara

This beautiful water resistant mascara (however, not quite proof) is not only chemical free, but does not come in the form of plastic either!



4. Pacifica Body Butters

The Lilac body cream butter in particular contains brightly coloured and a beautiful scent of botanical ingredients including both mango and shea butters. These ingredients are mixed with safflower, chamomile extract, almond and essential oils which are good for soften and protect skin, which even providing a gentle scent to go with it!


5. Ilia Bang, Bang Lipstick

This amazing brand is both animal ingredient and chemical free; and creates lusciously coloured lipstick that lasts!