Top Ten Fashion BuzzFeed Quizzes

Buzfeed quizzes are so much fun and such a good way to procrastinate! Want to know what kind of chip flavour matches your personality? What does your holiday style say about you? Well we have found and tested the top fashion quizzes for you to test yourself on your fashionista abilities.. 


Only a Fashion Expert will Get 15/20 on this Quiz

A great general quiz for any fashionista, it covers everything from Iris Apfel to Louis Vuitton.

Our Result: You are a fashion prodigy. You definitely know your way around a closet. Keep learning; knowledge is in style. 


Do You Actually Know What These Items of Clothing are Called?

Test your knowledge on clothing pieces like the ascot, bolero, and dickie with this quiz.

Our Result: 8 out of 9 correct.


You're Only Allowed to Wear Clothes if you get 12/17 on This Quiz

This is one of the best quizzes we were able to find on fashion history trivia.  Unfortunately I couldn’t pull off the 12/17; guess I won’t be wearing clothes for a while.

Our Result: Nice try. You didn’t do that great; better luck next time!


If You Get 8/10 On This Quiz About Fashion Brands, You Know More Than 99% Of The Population

A fairly easy quiz on brands from H & M and Fendi!

Our Result: You’re a fashion expert!  You're definitely the person all your friends turn to when they need style advice, since you know more about the world of High Fashion than most people. You're not only up-to-date on all the latest trends, but you know your fashion history as well. Miranda Priestley would be proud of you.


Can You Guess Which Fashionable Clothing Costs the Most?

Looks can be deceiving; take this quiz to see if you can tell a $1000 item from a $10 one.

Our Result: You’re a fashionista in the making. You did pretty well! Not a perfect score, but you've clearly got an eye for style. Are you secretly a model?


Which Historical Decade Actually Matches Your Style?

A fun quiz that is also probably the least serious on this list, this quiz chooses a historical decade for you with questions ranging from Chaucer to tattoos.  

Our Result: 1640s: Whether claiming your stake in a place called New England or traveling the world by sea, you would've done so in sleek and simple style. You have a fairly reserved and conservative personality, and while you can appreciate others' fashion-forwardness, you prefer comfort above all else.


Which style icon are you?

Find out which fashion queen best suits your personal style.

Our Result: Iris Apfel…You never met an accessory you didn't like, and THANK GOD, because you look amazing in all of them! Your "more is more" approach to style results in bangin' cool looks every time. Screw minimalism, this is where it's at.


We Know Where You Should Move Based on Your Style

This quiz chooses the perfect cosmopolitan locale for your next home based on a series of style choices.  I never thought of myself as a Berlin guy, but I can say I appreciate the city’s sleek minimalist fashion.

Our Result: Berlin…Just like Berlin, a rad and creative city, your style is often underrated. Yeah, you might not be the center of attention all the time, but people with good taste know your style is killer. Berlin is a city with its own unique style. From its punk days to its current minimalist scene, Berlin has always been about good design, something someone like you knows how to appreciate.


Which 90’s Style Icon Are You?  

Throw it back to your childhood by answering questions about some of your favorite 90’s things and then getting matched with a style icon from the period.

Our Result: Lisa Turtle from "Saved by the Bell.”  You’re an easy-breezy California girl at heart, who loves having fun, but you still know what you want. You're not afraid to wear bold colors and patterns—even to work or school—but make no mistake, underneath the cute party dress beats the heart of a tough as nails broad.


Answer These Questions and We’ll Reveal Your Fashion Style

Are you preppy or bohemian?  Bold or subtle?  See how well this final quiz does at defining your personal style.

Our Result: Bold


Have fun with these ones share your results and tag us so we can see how you did!


By Jesse Scott