Top 8 Ways to Style Your TBR Bodysuit

If there is one piece in your wardrobe that we should all be praying to the fashion gods for, it’s the ever-amazing bodysuit. Want a slim fit look? Bodysuit. Running out the door and need to throw on a top and shorts? Bodysuit. Like the athleisure look? Bodysuit.

The list is endless in ways you can make this amazing stable piece work, so here is our guide of the top 8 ways you can style your TBR bodysuit.


1. Corporate Vibes

Corporate chic has never looked so good, pair your bodysuit with high waisted bell end pants a fitted jacket, heels and slick hair to create a high-end fashion look.

2. Sunday Sesh


Sunday afternoon drinks are next level when you wear your bodysuit with an ankle length maxi skirt, in any fabric and pattern, tied together nicely with your favourite pumps, cute clutch and sunglasses.

3. Summer Bummer


Summer’s here and what better way to rock your bodysuit while lunching with the girls then your go to denim shorts or skirt, a simple summer style.

4. A Winters Tale


For those cooler nights then switch the shorts to jeans and add your classic ankle boot for a cute dinner outfit.

5. Flirty Babe


If you’re feeling flirty and fun, how about a frilly skirt and sneakers, add a denim jacket for a cooler day and curl your hair for the ultimate girly look.

6. The Athleisure Look


Athleisure is in and a high waisted legging is a perfect start, if you’re into street wear this is an amazing option, from your workout to smashed avo, this is great option.

7. The Sweatpants.


Another athleisure vibe is to throw a pair of sweat pants and sneakers on, or boots for a boss babe feel.

8. Bad Bitch


Add a classic black leather jacket to any outfit and you can do no wrong, pair with a casual pant and a messy bun for a chic but casual look.


By Olivia Edwards