The Blonde Republic’s Picks for the 5 Best and Worst Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 saw a lot of highs and lows for fashion. Let's chat about what we LOVED and what we couldn't stand. 


Bike Shorts

Bike shorts became increasingly popular this year as the athleisure trend came around. You’ve probably seen some of the Kardashian / Jenner girls sporting this trend, which can easily be taken from the office to the gym. Get yours online at The Blonde Republic! This ties into our second favourite trend.


80s Inspired Oversized Power Suit - Especially Plaid

The 80s style is back with oversized power suits, mostly in neutrals. However, famously recognised in the film Clueless, colourful plaid powersuits have also returned. Pair your bike shorts with a neutral, fitted blazer for a trimmed, office appropriate look, or with a coloured plaid one for a fashion forward statement.

Angular Sunglass Frames

Another element of the general athleisure trend is small, angular sunglass frames. Often paired with bike shorts and blazers, they are a unique accessory that make a statement. Experiment with different colours and shapes to spice up any outfit.


Baker Boy Hats

This accessory became a staple this Winter after becoming well known by Barbara Streisand in What’s Up Doc. The Baker Boy Hat is an excellent substitute for a beanie and can be paired with a casual or dressy casual outfit.


Basket Bags

This trend was quickly taken from a beach holiday necessity to a high fashion piece. Woven style bags give off vintage vibes and can match your breezy boho aesthetic.



Belt Bags

I think there is some flexibility with this trend, and many big brands have created their own versions. The belt bag, AKA the bum bag, not only screams “I’m a tourist - please rob me”, primary school teachers wore them on duty during recess for quick access to that magic white powder that they put on your grazes. Did everyone have teachers with bum bags containing magic powder, or was it just me?


Matching Tracksuits 

Three words: The Early 2000s. Leave them there.


Corset Belts

There’s a reason women stopped wearing corsets. While these belts are probably nowhere near as torturous, they are just as strange. A standard belt should usually do the trick.

Puka Shell Necklaces

Who still has one of these buried in a box of their tween-self things in their parent’s spare room? If you’re Gen Z, here’s your warning: THESE WILL PULL THE HAIRS ON THE BACK OF YOUR NECK EVERY 10 SECONDS. Besides that, these should probably also be left in the past.


Chunky Dad Sneakers

Decades were not just spent begging my Dad to find some new shoes for these to become considered high fashion.


Transparent Shoes and Jeans

Ugly, sweating feet being crushed in pointed see through heels? Or the fact that transparent jeans cost more than denim jeans? However, transparent bags do seem to be a good product advertising technique.

As a final statement to sum everything up some things happened in 2018 that we're stokes of pure genius and I wish couldn't stay on trend forever, however there were some moments I'd like to not re-live. For example Crocs re-emerged during Spring/Summer runway shows. Do I even need to elaborate? 


By Ella van Emmerik