Melbourne’s Best Vegan Cafes (and What We’d Wear to Them!)

Vegan is a word that’s been thrown about a lot lately, the hottest, though not the newest, healthy food trend at the moment, whether you’re intolerant to a certain food or not.

Some people, like me, follow a vegan diet because it’s not just healthy and delicious, but because of suffering a health issue that can be made worse by certain foods such as dairy and meat. For the record, my health issue is endometriosis, another topic that’s being talked about a lot recently because more and more people are coming out with their personal tales of what it’s like to suffer this condition, and the lack of information, treatment and cures.

Anyway, back to that other hot topic, vegan. Whether you’re vegan for health or lifestyle reasons, lots of cafes, restaurants and cookbooks and shows are coming out with totally delicious as well as healthy food and recipes that make it totally easy and fun to forego meat and other animal products. You’ll now be wanting to know exactly where to go to eat and get your vegan fix, and of course what you should wear so you can look and feel your very vegan best. Melbourne girls, this is for you, the best vegan cafes in your area.

First is Power Plant, 2-6 Swilke St Templestowe. Great coffee, pastries and heavenly cinnamon French toast with caramelised banana or a Spanish omelette with chickpeas.

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Matcha Mylkbar, 72 Acland St St Kilda will satisfy your burger cravings with a burger where everything from the bun to the patty to the egg on top is completely plant based but won’t make you miss or want a beef and cheese laden meal, oh no. Plus a mushroom latte, yes you read that right, mushroom, is surprisingly sweet, milky and does not taste like mushroom at all. And of course matcha is a key ingredient throughout the menu.

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Last on this list but certainly not least, is Mr Nice Guy’s Bakeshop, 151 Union Road Ascot Vale . If you want a slice of cake without the guilt, or pain, this is the place to go. The bulk of the menu are the Instagram famous cupcakes in flavours that are beyond your imagination such as Neopolitan and peppermint pattie. There’s also bronuts ( that’s brioche donuts to you and me), vegan chilli dogs and meatball subs if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

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Now that we know where we're eating (or are starting down our list) what do you wear to such hip and trendy places like these?

Personally I’d go casual but still like I’m trying and wear my TBR bodysuit paired with distressed denim, a long cardi that’s light but will still have me covered for Melbourne’s notorious three seasons in a day and my trusty converses on my tootsies, giving me feet that are just made for walking between all these cafe’s. Oh and a TDE (The Daily Edited) monogrammed mini bucket bag would not be out of place at all.

There you have it Melbourne ladies, a list of a few but definitely not all, the top vegan cafes in your neck of the woods and what to wear so you definitely fit in with a hip cool crowd of vegan converts, a trend and lifestyle choice that is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

By Jordana Taffe